manifesto al arte...

"I believe theater can save lives because it saved mine..."



  •  I believe there’s bad theater out there but always assume you’re the one making generous.

  • I believe some people will tell you you have no talent,  but what you do have is passion, needs, a story, pain, and a lot of anger so paint the thing, act the thing, create the thing and REPEAT. 

  • I believe laziness will kill you, so CREATE every day. 

  • I believe in the power of silence, not only in theater but in life.   

  • I believe self-consciousness kills creativity.

  • I believe failure is always a gift, the gift of starting again. 

  • I believe everyone should train hard and when you think you are good, train a little bit harder. 

  • I believe everyone has something to teach me. 

  • I believe everyone knows when you’re not doing your best work, but nobody will tell you, so ALWAYS do your best work. 

  • I believe in honesty and critique, so if you don’t like something say it, I can always decide that you’re right or that you have really bad taste. 

Inspired by Taylor Mac's I Believe: Manifesto